After enhancing the reputation of many of my former superiors,
I am ready to take real challenges now on an international level.
After gaining several years of experience on both sides of the creative sector, I would like to take the next step and serve as the bridge between the two. As the agency’s ambassador, I aim to act as the consumer's advocate, leveraging my expertise to strengthen the connection between brands and their audiences.

What I can bring to the table is simple but quite rare:
I am fanatic in work, know how to concept the ‘big idea’ and how to make it happen as I love to observe situations, understand people and capture the audience’s imagination. I think strategically and my focus is never on the brief itself but on the market insights. Nevertheless, I'm able juggle multiple projects in collaborative team play. I have gained experience in Hungary and worked on global campaigns too. Currently overseeing international brand promotions in tourism and writing my own crime-drama series. My past experience includes planning and producing a broad range of high-profile advert campaigns from political to financial, not to mention my favourites: entertainment and current affairs programmes for TV.